Parish Solidarity with Haiti

March 18th, 2010  |  Published in haiti  |  5 Comments

Parish Solidarity with Haiti is a website for parishes in the U.S. currently partnered with parishes in Haiti to communicate, exchange ideas and contribute to a map where parishes will be featured along with their parish partner.  We hope this resource will facilitate communication between parishes, especially parishes partnered with parishes in Haiti.  Please visit the links provided to discover resources for Catholic educators and youth ministers, learn about Catholic Relief Services’ work in Haiti, review updates about the situation in Haiti and see the work of the U.S. bishops in Haiti.

This web site is not a resource for starting a parish twinning relationship.

Please join the discussion about the earthquake in Haiti and your sister parish.

Visit the solidarity map and add your parish. Please share any news or insights that you have received from Haiti.

Photo by Lane Hartill/CRS

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